Meet Sarah

Expert customer support help by people who love people.

Sarah Hatter is an author, public speaker, and entrepreneur. She’s well known in the tech industry for her work focusing on the importance of customer experience and brand strategy. She produces conferences and events under the Elevate Summit banner 4 times a year.

Sarah founded the consulting company CoSupport in 2011, and since then has become a sought after voice on the conference and teaching circuit for her unique perspective on building products with empathy for customers.

Since starting CoSupport in 2011, Sarah’s traveled the globe sharing her passion for customer support. She’s been honored to speak at awesome tech conferences such as LessConf, MicroConf, Release Notes and Business of Software. She’s also presented for private groups at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Hudl, and many, many more.

People who’ve seen her on stage liken to her a firecracker, a pistol, a very smart and sassy princess, and a “rabid customer service terrier, biting your pant leg until you pay attention.”

Wait, is that actually a compliment? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯





Here’s a popular talk Sarah gave at Business of Software in Boston, 2013:

Here’s some of her more popular online appearances:

Get in touch to book Sarah for an interview, chat or just to hangout. She is very nice.


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