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  • Regarding Regards

    During a recent Q&A after a talk I gave on support language, an attendee asked me what I felt about using, “Regards,” to end emails. I have to admit I gave an involuntary shudder and might have said, “Gah! No!” I don’t hate “regards” like I hate, for instance, thank you for your feedback. But […]

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  • Great support is not a buzzword

    Well, it finally happened! Customer service and support is finally something interesting to marketers!! Sigh, ok. I am only sort of excited about this, because customer support is not just a hashtag, or a PR blitz, it’s a really big part of a company’s inner workings. Customer support starts with how easy your app is […]

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  • Radio CoSupport

    Listening to music while we work is essential! Listen to Radio CoSupport to hear what’s getting us through the workday. Choose your poison platform: Radio CoSupport on Rdio: Radio CoSupport on Spotify: Want more music? Check out our friends Vinyl Me Please, they’ll treat you right. Check them out online at or on Twitter at […]

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