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  • Weekly Wit from CoSupport

    Our team is located across all different timezones and cities. Because of this we depend heavily on online communications, like many modern day companies. To maintain our (in)sanity, we tend to interject a lot of our personal humor (and favorite GIFs!) into our everyday conversations. Since we’re so darn hilarious, we thought we’d start sharing a weekly […]

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  • Coming Soon: Resources, Advice, Oh My!

    Many, many years ago, before CoSupport was a twinkle in my eye, I met my friend Mathew Patterson at SXSW. At the time I was doing customer support for a web company that didn’t care about customer support, and Mathew was all the way across the world running support for a company that was figuring […]

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  • Regarding Regards

    During a recent Q&A after a talk I gave on support language, an attendee asked me what I felt about using, “Regards,” to end emails. I have to admit I gave an involuntary shudder and might have said, “Gah! No!” I don’t hate “regards” like I hate, for instance, thank you for your feedback. But […]

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