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    So, firstly, I detest popup support chat windows on websites as a rule. Secondly, I love to have my mind changed about things I think are always true. Whilst shopping for hilarious cat themed items on Look Human, a delightful site teeming with great cat themed whatnots (amongst other repartee) I was pinged by a somewhat snore-inducing […]

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  • Weekly Wit: Ghostly Gas

    Happy Friday! In today’s Weekly Wit, Micah ghosts out: Have a great weekend, and stay away from the windy wraith!

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  • Weekly Wit: The Fellowship of the Puns

    What is up, fellow Hobbitses? We’re Galadriel to see ya. Time for another chapter of CoSupport’s weekly wit, in which Micah is off to the Shire…   Hope your weekend is anything but Boromir!

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