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  • What We’re Reading

    Even though we love reading The Customer Support Handbook over and over, we also like to read a variety of other books. Here’s what’s currently occupying our eyeballs: Micah: “Words of Radiance” by Brandon Sanderson Don’t let the this giant 1000 page tome intimidate you…the second volume of Mr. Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, takes the story of love, […]

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  • Hypothetical Apologies pt. 2: Old-Fashioned Apologies

    My one-year-old nephew is just starting to talk, and it’s awesome. He talks to you, but finding that bridge between what he’s saying and what he means always requires a certain special blend of translation and intuition. “Malh,” he says, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s looking for milk. “Gaaihnn” is my name. And “ayaaa,” […]

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  • My First Poetry Slam Support Jam

    Today I received a support e-mail written in rhyme. Here it is word-for-word: I fear dear sir I looked a fool. When I told the class about your tool. I said, look @ this, its a fantastic app. Downloaded, opened and said “oh look at that…” It needed a code, a very special one. And […]

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