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  • 3 customer support lessons from Taylor Swift

    If you have ears, you’ve been privy to Taylor Swift’s deepest heartfelt revelations while wandering the aisle of your local CVS. Or maybe it was the food court in the mall where you first heard something way too personal set to a beat and repeated over and over and over and over. Regardless of your stance […]

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  • Weekly Wit, November 21

    In today’s edition of CoSupport’s Weekly wit, Micah is all thumbs (and then not).   Happy Friday! We hope you have a :thumbsup: kinda day.

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  • We’re not sorry for the inconvenience

    Here’s some fun facts about being at Disneyland: It’s a total leisure activity, but still costs a lot of your time If you’re there, you’ve paid a minimum of $80 to get through the door and you’re expecting something amazing for that price If a ride breaks down when you’re standing in line, it’s really […]

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