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  • “Hey, dude”: Building Company Culture as a Telecommuter

    At CoSupport, we’re essentially all telecommuters – we work from desktops and coffee shops in Oregon, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Texas, and wherever else we happen to be during working hours. And while we all really enjoy working with each other and the camaraderie of using Slack to keep in touch, sometimes it’s a little difficult […]

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  • Weekly Wit: Pizza Love

    Bonjour! In this installment of CoSupport’s Weekly Wit, we discuss romantic things to do in Paris, namely this particular to-do: You were given the pink balloon by Pink Flamingo, a pizza parlour down the nearby Rue Bichat, whose bicycle delivery man will use the balloon as a beacon to locate you on the canal and […]

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  • Weekly Wit: 50 Shades of “Meh”

    Two thumbs up, way up! It’s time for CoSupport’s Weekly Wit. In today’s episode, we discuss the hottest new movies: Until next week, the balcony is closed.

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