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Helping support teams is our favorite thing to do.

 CoSupport’s mission is to bring excellence in customer support and customer care to every startup, software company, and web dev team in the world. So far, we’ve reached about 200 of those companies, but don’t worry – we’re still going strong. Led by support maven Sarah Hatter, our team is ready to help you wow all your customers.

Support Audits

We’re often hired to teardown support systems and rebuild them, shiny and new. We can help you figure out what to improve and how to celebrate what’s already great.  learn more

Outsourced Support

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so let us handle support the right way while you focus on building your app. Tier 1 & 2 emails and social replies are a breeze.  learn more

Help Documentation

Wondering why you’re getting so many support emails? Most likely your documentation sucks, but we can fix that. We can even make videos, too!  learn more

Hiring & Coaching

Thanks to our conference ElevateCX, we are the epicenter of the SaaS & ecommerce customer support community. WE can connect you with the right people to join your team, or help coach the team you have in place already.  learn more

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What’s that??

We’re a small team doing big things!

We’re a fully remote team covering 3 US timezones, made up of expert support enthusiasts.

Sarah Hatter

Founder & Awesome Lady


Micah & Anna Garman

Support Process Management

Springfield, MO

Trevor Hanson

Support Consultant


Conner Giles

Support Ops

Midwest Represent

Mercer Smith

Support Consultant

Austin, TX

Ryan Garrett

Support Ops

Austin, TX


Chairman of the Bored


We’ve worked with some amazing companies.

We’re here to help, whether it’s auditing an existing support setup, hiring the right manager for your CS team, handling your incoming Tier 1 & 2 emails, or starting your CX practices from scratch.

We created ElevateCX: The premier conference and community for CX Leaders

After 30 events in 14 cities and 3 countries around the globe, 2020 put a halt to our iconic in-person event. We’re pretty bummed about it, but our community is still thriving online. We now publish digital content over at the ElevateCX site, and community members have access to a library of masterclasses, AMA’s, and original writings created just for customer experience pros.

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We wrote the book on Customer Support

No really, we did! We published The Customer Support Handbook in 2014 and have sold over 30,000 copies. Get your copy on Amazon!

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