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  • We’re not sorry for the inconvenience

    Here’s some fun facts about being at Disneyland: It’s a total leisure activity, but still costs a lot of your time If you’re there, you’ve paid a minimum of $80 to get through the door and you’re expecting something amazing for that price If a ride breaks down when you’re standing in line, it’s really […]

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  • Introducing: The Help Club Podcast!

    Good conversation is one of the most important elements of customer support. We should know – the CoSupport team really, really loves to talk (see our snapshots from our chats for proof). But conversation isn’t just good for customers or for teams, it’s also probably the best tool we have for learning, innovating, and sharing new ideas. […]

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  • Weekly Wit, November 14

    In this edition of CoSupport’s Weekly Wit, Sarah finds the perfect BFF necklace for all of us, plus some guy named Gary. Click to embiggen:   We don’t laugh with Gary, we laugh AT Gary. He wears socks with gel-sole Adidas sandals, how can we not?   And from this point on, we’ve coined a […]

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