The CoSupport Manifesto

Customers deserve better. They deserve your time and attention and empathy.

Feedback is the sound a microphone makes when it gets too close to a speaker. Is that noise what you call your customer’s ideas?

Stop saying no and start saying maybe.

Tell an angry customer, “You’re right” and watch what happens.

If you want to sell your product, start by selling your service. Is your support team available and accessible? Friendly? Fast? Thoughtful? Cha-ching!

Speed matters. Don’t wait to reply. If you don’t know the answer right away, you can still reply to your customer and let them know you’ll find out.

Keep the corporate-speak to yourself. Professional language isn’t for customers. Be friendly, casual, accessible and fun.

Use better language. Mean what you say and say what you feel.

Feature requests aren’t annoying, they prove someone likes what you built and they want to use it more. Stop being so defensive.

It’s not possible to over-communicate. Give as much information as possible. Eliminate customer support needs by supporting customers first.

You’re a human, not a robot. Customers are human, too. What a coincidence!

Thank your customers profusely.

Coupons for new users only are annoying and disrespectful. Celebrate loyalty and passionate users.

Surprising and delighting doesn’t mean spending big bucks. Start with providing clear, concise instructions, a thorough help section, and self-education for all your users.

Design for customers, not for yourself. You don’t buy your product.

Stop apologizing for the inconvenience. Say you’re sorry and mean it.

Listen more, then listen better.

Go big with service or go home.