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Kent Leonard
AV Club President
Portland, OR
Video guru and board game enthusiast - enjoys reading memes in his free time and likes to send the occasional cat gif
Sarah Hatter
Founder & CEO
Laguna Beach, CA
Resident wine snob, grilled cheese maker, stand-up paddlerboard-er . Big into Middle Earth, currently speaking all over the world on customer support.
Micah Garman
Support Ops
Austin, TX
Micah doesn't like bacon.
We can't figure this out either.
Colin Flanigan
Support Ops
Grandpa at heart, cultural omnivore,
big-time stew fan. Knows what song is stuck in your head, always.
Anna Garman
Support Ops
Austin, TX
Event planner, crafty lady, support & photography maven
Christiana Flanigan
Support Ops Emeritus
Blanket burrower, music-maker, lover of turtles and olden times. Once ate two pounds of bacon in one sitting.
Trevor Hanson
Support Ops Emeritus
Los Angeles, CA
Helplessly addicted to Instagram.
Chariman of the Bored
Under the Couch
Snugglemaster of the underworld