Author: Courtney Patubo Kranzke

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Radio CoSupport

Listening to music while we work is essential! Listen to Radio CoSupport to hear what’s getting us through the workday. Choose your poison platform: Radio CoSupport on Rdio: Radio CoSupport on Spotify: Want more music? Check out our friends Vinyl Me Please, they’ll treat you right. Check them out online at or on Twitter at…
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June 27, 2014 0

What We’re Reading, Summer Edition

Summer reading! We love it. There’s something about sitting down with a good book in the sun with a frosty drink. Here’s what we’re currently consuming. Colin: Han Solo at Star’s End by Brian DaleyThis is a book about Han Solo, my favorite character from The Star Wars Universe, one of my favorite universes. So,…
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June 24, 2014 0

What We’re Reading

Even though we love reading The Customer Support Handbook over and over, we also like to read a variety of other books. Here’s what’s currently occupying our eyeballs: Micah: “Words of Radiance” by Brandon Sanderson Don’t let the this giant 1000 page tome intimidate you…the second volume of Mr. Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive, takes the story of love,…
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April 11, 2014 0