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February 10, 2016 Blog Thoughts on Support 0

i do what i wantSo, firstly, I detest popup support chat windows on websites as a rule. Secondly, I love to have my mind changed about things I think are always true.

Whilst shopping for hilarious cat themed items on Look Human, a delightful site teeming with great cat themed whatnots (amongst other repartee) I was pinged by a somewhat snore-inducing chat popup window. As a rule, every time I’m brought to need support on the chat level, I always try to get the typist on the other end to engage with me off the script because the script is not helpful and is often more frustration invoking than the issue that you may be writing in about in the first place.

i do what i want
To my delight, it was an actual human person named Jess. She responded to my request for several hundred dollars worth of free cat items with the perfect response: Not only A COUPON, but also with real human-style kindness and humor! I frickin’ love coupons on the internet almost as much as I love kindly wit! Granted, I later realized that they give out the coupon to every visitor who enters the site through regular means (I’d done a google search for “I do what I want cat mug”), my chit chat with Jess was pleasant and unexpected. I totally would have missed the 10% off coupon had I not had a mini jam sesh with her in the old chat box. I can’t even with retail prices, and I likely would have abandoned my cart, but that little 10% off coupon equaled me thus purchasing $76 worth of cat themed hilarity to make my life a little more sunny. Bravo Look Human!