Customer Service Spotlight: Rewinery

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Customer Service Spotlight: Rewinery

October 31, 2012 Thoughts on Support 0

Have you ever had to buy wine for a party of 230 people? If you haven’t, here’s some things to consider: How many drinks will each person have in the course of 3 hours? How many bottles do you need? Where will you get 230 wine glasses? And seriously: Who’s going to wash those glasses at the end of the night??

While we typically kick back a couple bottles of vino each week ourselves, we were stumped when we had to provide the drinks for our UserConf after party a few weeks ago. We really did not know where to begin, and were totally blown away by the awesome help we got from Rewinery in San Francisco.

Rewinery is a San Francisco-based wine delivery service. Every day they curate exceptional wine selections that customers can order online or through their app and have them delivered anywhere in San Francisco. And, to be green, all deliveries are made by a delivery person on a bike! Besides delivering bottles of wine, they also do events, so we hit them up.

We spoke with Joanna who was incredibly knowledgeable and helped us guesstimate how much wine we would need for 200+ people. After a quick conversation and transaction using Square, we were set to go.
Hours before our after party, a delivery person showed up with all of the wine and glasses we needed for the party. We were told that if we started to run low on any wines or glasses during the party we could give them a call and more would be sent our way ASAP. And, at the end of the party, we could call them to pick up the glasses and any leftover wine which would be credited back to us — how amazing. The best part: we wouldn’t have to worry about washing the glasses!
The wines were great, service was exceptional, and the worries of trying to organize wine for 200 people were non-existent. Rewinery handled all of the little details and made our after party a smashing success. We seriously love Rewinery and their team and hope that something like this pops up in Chicago soon. We are enthusiastically delighted customers and our friends in San Francisco echoed their praise of Rewinery. Truly a great company delivering a great product and exceptional customer service!