Even kids get it

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Even kids get it

June 28, 2012 Thoughts on Support 0

You all know about Caine’s Arcade, right? Oh my, if you don’t, please take a few minutes to cry while watching this. It’s ok if you cry, really.

Since that video went crazy viral in the media, Caine’s been traveling all over the world meeting people he’s inspired by his little business. And during that time I’ve been following him on Facebook and loving all his updates and epiphanies about life. The one from today shows that this stuff about running a business where you put customers first really is child’s play.

It reads:

What did Caine Learn:
1. Be nice to customers.
2. Do a business that is fun.
3. Do not give up.
4. Start with what you have.
5. Use recycled stuff.

Kid’s these days!