My First Poetry Slam Support Jam

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My First Poetry Slam Support Jam

April 4, 2014 Quotes 0

Today I received a support e-mail written in rhyme. Here it is word-for-word:

I fear dear sir I looked a fool.
When I told the class about your tool.
I said, look @ this, its a fantastic app.
Downloaded, opened and said “oh look at that…”
It needed a code, a very special one.
And promised to e-mail me one.
This is really where all the trouble began..
Cause no code came and I was stuck; what to do then..
So please, please can you save my skin
And send me a code so I may login
I really do want to show my class,
the app you guys have come up at last…

So I said, OK, that’s how it is? Right back at you then:

Good day to you sir, and thanks for your e-mail.
A misunderstanding is the the cause of this fail.
The app you downloaded is an app that’s unique.
The standard version is the one that you seek.
“XxxxxXxxXxxx” is the one that is free,
but the reason for that—it requires a “key”
to be used with an app called “Xxxxxxx Enterprise”.
I’m sorry if this news comes as a surprise.
Unfortunately our app has no free trial.
It’s only available in the paid app style.
As poems go this isn’t my best one,
so just write back if you have any more questions.