On hiring up.

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On hiring up.

August 26, 2013 Quotes 0

A great quote from our friend Adii, founder of WooThemes and PublicBeta:

“I also believe that it is absolutely crucial that – as an employer – I need to trust these guys’ opinion and back their decisions with conviction, because they are much more talented, skilled & experienced in those areas. If we didn’t hire guys that were better than the co-founders in some way, we’d stagnate pretty quickly, since the company could only grow at the speed at which we could grow as individuals. Hiring a team that is better than you though, drives the momentum of that growth / innovation forward exponentially.”

You shouldn’t be afraid of hiring people better than you. Having people that are more experienced and often smarter than you in a particular area of your business will define how your company grows. Having these type of people on your team will make it more comfortable for you to delegate out tasks and challenge you into thinking in new ways.

So lose your ego founders, and hire up!