S Words for $100, Alex

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S Words for $100, Alex

January 31, 2011 CoSupport News 0

I’m just going to be honest here, because it’s time someone said it outloud: Web content strategy is total bullshit.

Those words! Those icky, icky words declaring “strategy” for your web “content”! Ugh are we seriously ok with this being someone’s job description? Are you a writer, or are you just someone pushing words into a box and changing the alignment? Are you a creative thinker, or a master of the SEO thesaurus?

Calling your online writing “content” strips it of any creative meaning and discernment. Calling yourself a “strategist” means you exist to study problems, and then tell people about those problems. Strategy is an action plan based on research of an obstacle. It is not – I repeat! Not! – implementing a solution.

Putting these two words together means content strategists are people who focus on your website as a container, evaluate the empty space, and advise you how to fill it up. By this rationale, content strategists aren’t innovators, they aren’t creatives, they aren’t even calling themselves writers. They are just there to “strategize” the most efficient way to fill up blank space.

Here’s an acceptable list of people who can call themselves Content Strategists:

  • Fertility specialists
  • Frank Sobotka
  • The guy who makes those big candy jars for people to guess how much candy is in the jar

If you’re not one of the above, stop referring yourself as such immediately.

CoSupport isn’t a network of content strategists. We don’t create “content” any more than you make shiny toys for the internet places. What you do is create beautiful, productive apps that make people’s lives more efficient. What CoSupport does do is write compelling, informative text that will effectively support your product.

Are you ready to strategize with us? Sorry guys, that’s just not what we do here.

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