You’re Welcome

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You’re Welcome

January 13, 2015 Blog Thoughts on Support 0


As support folks, we get thanked a lot. But how do you say “You’re welcome?”

Saying “No problem” infers that “Yeah, it’s alright” or that helping them was not much of an inconvenience (another bad word!). It takes away the human part of the interaction and doesn’t express that their thanks were received and appreciated. Similar alternatives to “No problem” include:

“It was nothing.” (“De nada.”)

“Don’t mention it.”

“Of course.”

“You bet.”

“No worries.” (apparently a popular thing to say in Portland)

See how cold these sound? There’s no real feeling in them. We can change our language slightly to be more human, e.g.:

“I’m happy to help.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

”I’m glad that I could help you out.”

“I appreciate you saying so.”

Notice how all these statements sound more personal? One of the big differences here is that each statement comes from me personally (using the words “I” and “my”) and expresses how I feel. I’m showing that I appreciate their gratitude.

Just keep this thought in mind from the CoSupport Manifesto, “Use better language. Mean what you say and say what you feel.