Announcing: The Customer Support Handbook!

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Announcing: The Customer Support Handbook!

November 20, 2013 CoSupport News 0

When we started CoSupport in January of 2011, who would have thought we’d be here almost three years later, leading the charge to get the importance of customer support in the spotlight! Here’s a few things we’re really proud of accomplishing in the last few years:

    • Sarah’s spoken at over 20 conferences, including¬†LessConf, MicroConf, Digital Summit, and Business of Software
    • With UserVoice, we’ve held three UserConfs and are ready for the next one in Chicago! WHAT THE HECK!
    • We’ve helped train support teams at Mailbox, Google, Microsoft, WooThemes, Sprintly, Adobe, Grasshopper, and over 100 more!
    • We’ve grown from one person with a really weird and obnoxious vision about how important support is to NINE PASSIONATE AND AWESOME PEOPLE! Ok, 8 people and one cat, but still, he eats like a person.
    • We’ve helped change people’s minds about support – even people who thought our ideas were dumb and unimportant just a few years ago. I’m not going to call them out in a blog post, but you know who you are.

When Sarah spoke at Business of Software and asked the audience who had heard of CoSupport’s work, half the room raised their hand. That means, people are on board with us! They understand how important customer support really is and they’re ready to change how their business works with their customers. People get it now, and we can’t wait to help more teams revolutionize their support.

This is just all so exciting for us to be a part of. So what’s next? Well, not much, just our freaking book on customer support!! The Customer Support Handbook hits stores January 2014, three years to the date that I woke up at 4am and formed a business called CoSupport, LLC on LegalZoom. I had no idea on that date what would happen next.


To everyone who’s helped get us here: Hiten, Noah, Adii, Peldi, Rich, Mark, Steve, Merissa, Chase, David, Brene, Willo, and all our friends, family, and spouses.¬†


Thanks for being part of this awesome journey with us, on behalf of customers everywhere!

– Sarah, Robert, Courtney, Tim, Tyler, Crystal, Jason, Micah and Cooper.