CoSupport, LLC: Wow.

Expert customer support help by people who love people.

CoSupport, LLC: Wow.

January 26, 2011 CoSupport News 0

When you’re launching a new web or mobile app, you usually don’t have the brainspace to write detailed instructions and answer new customer questions. We have that brainspace, in fact we’ve got a surplus of unused brainspace we can rent out to you for a while. Maybe you need total support training because you’re drowning in customer emails. Maybe you just don’t write very well and you’d rather pass it off to a spunky, attractive, dark haired maven of a girl who enjoys long walks on the beach and frozen margaritas.


Keep spunky, scratch the rest.

CoSupport is a hub for all support related goodies for web and mobile apps. Purchase a total support package that includes writing of your Help sections and FAQs, training your current support team and even outsourcing your online support to our team for a few months. Pick one thing for us to focus on at a small fee, or let us do everything for a not-as-small fee.

CoSupport will be launching in the upcoming weeks and will offer support packages on a flat fee, month to month basis. Keep your eyes peeled as we pepper this blog with thoughts on customer support, info on our available packages, and cookie recipes.

CoSupport is the brainchild of Sarah Hatter, former awesome blogger, former support guru of 37signals, current mad support scientist.

You can get in touch for more info and sneak previews by emailing info at