So, what’s the first step?

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So, what’s the first step?

January 27, 2011 CoSupport News 0

Usually customer support for a web or mobile app is the last thing to check off on the looming start up to-do list. Design the app! Code the app! Sell the app! Support the app?

What’s that last part about?

Listen, you’re a designer or a programmer. You’re a visionary. You’re not a customer support expert. Your job is to build a life changing, addicting, productivity enhancing app, right? It’s your job to come up with a brilliant idea and turn it into a brilliant product, not to answer 1,000,000 emails from people who can’t figure out how to reinstall it on their phone!

Here’s where CoSupport steps in. If you’ve launched an app recently or you’re about to launch an app, we can help in a billion ways. Here’s a few services we’ll be starting out with next month:

Hire us to write your online Help section and FAQs. We can do it fast!
Get immediate, top quality review and revision of your app store copy and preparation for future customer issues and needs.
Bring us in to help your existing team learn the basics of amazing customer support. We’ll train on speedy replies, coach on writing human-sounding support emails, and making customers beyond happy.
– If you’re really overwhelmed, hire us to do your support for you for the first 6 months. Then we’ll hand it over to you with training, help documentation, and expert advice to get you going.

    The sad fact is online support is typically an afterthought to building a great app, but it’s typically the first way customers interact with you or your product. It’s also one of the most simple problems to solve – that is if you’ve got some great help. And that, dear visionaries, is what we’re here for.

    Sounds like we’re going to change your life, huh?

    Prices for our online copy and support services are going to start at a flat fee of $2,000. Contact us to be the first to signup.