Quick email hack to get your point across

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Quick email hack to get your point across

October 31, 2013 Hacks 0

I get a LOT of email, and my feeling is anyone I’m communicating with on a daily basis (startup founders, CEO’s, support people) gets a LOT of email, too. I find that I’m almost always reading emails when when I’m in line at the airport, waiting for a meeting to start, or multi-tasking in some other absurd way. And, you guessed it, I figured that’s what everyone else is doing that, too!

So, I started hacking my emails so I can 1) waste less of everyone’s time and 2) make sure that a quick scan can get all the important info across. What I’ve found is that I’m WAYYYY more likely to get an almost immediate response from people, and our back-and-forth is cut down considerably. Click the image to see what I mean, and give it a try!