Sarah’s BoS talk on the future of support

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Sarah’s BoS talk on the future of support

October 31, 2013 Being a Founder Technology 0

I had the ENORMOUS pleasure of attending Business of Software this week, and speaking, AND leading a workshop on customer support! I can’t recommend this conference enough to anyone who’s in the tech space. It’s a truly life-changing, career-altering, mind-blowing place to be. I’m beyond humbled and still a bit shell shocked to be in the company of the other speakers who took the stage.

Until the video is up, here’s the PDF of my BOS2013 talk slides and the  language training manual from my workshop. And here’s the link to our Google hangout prior to the conference.

THANK YOU to everyone who made this happen, and everyone who was so kind and graciously laughed at all my jokes 😉



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